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This Blog is about my 12 day journey to; stay at and return from the Wolfman's Wandering Rally (WWR). A Vulcan Riders and Owners Club (VROC) Rally held in a different locale annually. This year is WWR 5 and was held in Deadwood, SD.

June 2, 2011
Fallon, NV

I had dinner with Eddy and Brenda tonight but forgot to take my camera to dinner. No Basque restaurants this trip. We had dinner at the Sandwinds restaurant. But I am staying two blocks from the Overland Hotel where the Cortez to Topaz Lake Parade had dinner last June with Eddy and Brenda. So I got my camera for a photo op down the block.
Eddy and Brenda at the side of the building

Eddy, Brenda and me (vsp)

At the bar

Looking into the bar

Me posing in the bar

The cook at the Overland

This next one is for Slammer.
Gate at Fallon NAS

The BLM still gathers wild mustangs and stores them in holding areas until they can be taken to Nevada prisons where inmates will break them.
This is just south of Fallon NAS

~end June 2, 2011

June 3, 2011
Elko, NV

Boy was today's Ride chilly. No snowflakes, no wind just cold.
Here is what you see along most of the two lane highways in Nevada (Hwy 95)

I was planning on taking pics of Lovelock, NV a town lost by the opening of I-80. But the town was too depressing. So I rode to the exit to Rye Patch a reservoir just north of I-80 about 45 miles west of Winnemucca.
The Oasis along the road to Rye Patch

Lucky Strikes I used to smoke that brand

Da bar

Jerry a customer and his pet, Bronco who is 38 years old

There is a method to my madness of two 250 mile days of travel. Tonight I am having dinner with Ray and Lana. They are the couple that joined the Topaz Parade last year for dinner at the Star Hotel in Elko, NV. Dinner tonight is at the restaurant inside the Red Lion Inn and Casino.
Ray just finished ordering

Lana had ordered already

Lana's Coconut Shrimp - very tasty I ate one

Ray's Blackened Rib Eye Steak

My Wild Mushroom Enchilada with Salsa, Avocado and a small tomato and onion salad

Lana's friends at the next table had the Steak Sandwich

Dessert of cheesecake with strawberries and a reduced Balsamic vinegar

Ray had to attend a graduation so Lana drove me around for a couple of Elko photo ops.
The plaque for Sherman Station moved some 60 miles in one piece. It now serves as the Visitors Center and meeting rooms for the Elko Chamber of Commerce.

Also relocated was this one room schoolhouse

The front of Sherman Station

The railroad tracks used to divide Elko into two parts but in the 1970's using government grants the tracks were moved out of downtown.
A locomotive of that era stands in a park built where the old tracks used to be

Another relic the caboose

Lana is a Civil Engineer who works for Chilton Engineering about two blocks from the Thunderbird Motel. Chilton's offices are in an old Knights of Pythias building.
The cornerstone of the building

Chilton also owns the adjoining Map House who sold topographical maps of the area until the internet took over.

The Clock and Bell Tower in the center of Great Basin College located on the outskirts of Elko

~end June 3, 2011

June 4, 2011
Jerome, Minidoka and Pocatello, ID

Today I got some warm weather in the afternoon with temperatures in the high 70's. It was still cold in the morning but not too bad.

Anyway the first real stop today will be at the Jerome County Historical Society in Jerome, ID which is just north of Twin Falls. They have just today opened in their new to them building and have a small display of the Minidoka Relocation Center.
This was the former Jerome Senior Center but the Center got a brand new building so the Historical Society inherited this building

You can barely see my bike in the parking lot

A map of Minidoka and a photo of some of the living quarters

It turns out that this lady, Rachel Rupprecht while in high school in the 1980's did a display of Minidoka.

The Historical Society was given Rachel's project to display in their building.

I needed to have the Historical Society curator, Peg in this photo. Peg makes Phin and I look tall. :-)
Rachel's display is between Peg and I

After the short tour and getting better directions to the actual site which is almost 16 miles east of Jerome I asked about a good place to eat a light lunch. And I was given directions to Choate's Family Diner.
Right on Main Street in Jerome

The waitress said that anything with bacon is good. So I got the BLT.

And a wonderful cup of potato soup

Here's Ron the owner in front of the Specials Board

After eating and filling up the gas tank I took off to find Minidoka.
The National Park Service has just started to put up a fairly big park.

Minidoka had water as it was located along a big irrigation canal

I had a couple from Boise take this photo of me

Then it was off another 120 miles to my motel in Pocatello. I decided to just grab a bite to eat at the motel restaurant.
My salad

And my Idaho Trout in a cornmeal batter with sweet potato fries

~end June 4, 2011

June 5, 2011
Kemmerer, WY - Riverton, WY

Today I rode totally new roads. Ones that I had never ridden over before. And because I now know what the roads are like. I do not ever want to ride them again.
This one was the worst of the bunch, WY 372

This was a bit of a down day for me. No destination to look at or people to visit. But I did find one photo op along today's route. The original JC Pennys store in Kemmerer, WY. The house that James Cash Penny lived in back in 1902 is now the JC Penny Museum. But today is a Sunday and it is closed.

The sign on the porch

White picket fence and all

You can see the train station to the left

He lived just down the street from his store (yellow sign at the corner)

The store is still operated as a working store

Mezzanine too

Some stuff from the 1900's is displayed atop the shelves

More old stuff

Every local business other than the JC Penny and the Chinese restaurant was closed on Sunday. So I had a fast food lunch and took off toward Riverton, WY. My stop for today.
It is Open Range so this sign says to watch for slow moving animals

Another sign for the Sage Grouse

This one says Antelope Entering Highway at 55 MPH

Some proghorn near the highway

Same herd just zoomed in

One last photo for today

~end June 5, 2011


June 6, 2011
Heart Mountain, WY - Buffalo, WY

Wonderful morning weather today. I left Riverton at 8:15 AM with the temperature at 69°, sunny and calm.

I finally got into a curvy road through the Wind River Canyon just south of Thermopolis, WY.
It had been so long that the 50 mph corners felt like the 30 mph corners back home. :-)
A curve in the road and a view to boot

The Wind River

The other direction

My little guy wanted me to take its picture

The road ahead

I made good time because the temps stayed in the mid 70's and the wind was calm.
But I was getting hungry so I stopped at Lucille's Cafe in Meeteetse, WY a bit over 30 miles south of Cody.
Here is the entrance to Lucille's Café

I had a half a breakfast. A perfectly poached egg, bacon, hash browns and a piece of toast.

Boy was I glad I was on a dual sport as the road between Cody and Heart Mountain RC had a half mile detour over rutted once graveled roadway. I stood on the pegs the whole way while the poor Harley behind me fell back a couple of hundred yards and I was in a low first gear the whole way.

Anyway because of VROC I will be visiting my 7th of 10 WW II Relocation Centers. The two in California I visited a long time ago. But on my trip to Richmond, KY heading back home I visited my birth place, Rohwer, AR. Then the next year driving with Sherm to SEVROC we visited both Rohwer and Jerome, AR. The Cortez to Topaz Lake Parade last year gave me a chance to visit Topaz, UT just outside of Delta, UT where we spent one night.
Plaque at Heart Mountain

The walking tour which has information about various aspects of the Camp

The Heart Mountain Foundation has raised enough money and working with the National Park Service they will have a big Visitors Center just off of Hwy 14 Alt about 12 miles north of Cody, WY.
The big tree top center of the photograph is just before the highway

They are even building three replica barracks

My original destination for tonight was Sheridan, WY but Hwy 14 Alt through the mountains has not yet opened so I had to back track a little and reroute to Buffalo, WY. Except for the snow flakes in the Sierra's I have not had any other precipitation on this trip...... until tonight.
My poor little guy out in the rain )-:

~end June 6, 2011

June 7, 2011
Arrived in Deadwood

Today I decided on doing my laundry first thing in the morning while still in Buffalo, WY. I only had 180 miles of mostly I-90 left to reach Deadwood and the laundromat was closer to my room than the motel managers office.
Laundromat and coffee house taken from my second floor room

My laundry in the dryer :-)

I was taking my time with frequent breaks but I finally got hungry near Noon so I stopped in downtown Beulah, WY right at the border between Wyoming and South Dakota. I had a sandwich at the Sand Creek Cafe.
Cafe in back of the bar

There were a group of young folks having a few too many beers with their lunch. They wanted to take my picture with my bike. They handed one of the five of them a disposable camera so I gave him my camera to take another photo with my camera.
The kids all lived in Spearfish, SD about 12 miles to the east

So getting back on the road it was but a short 30 miles to the Gold Country Inn.
Here I am arriving at the Gold Country Inn. Photo by Skid

Another photo by Skid

After quickly unpacking I head out to take a few photos.
Mar, Wompus, Mike "gone mad" and Maxxx

Bucky signing in Lanny

Solo arrives and plans to stay longer than the 12 hours he stayed at Cortez last year

Everyone is taking photos

A close up of brother Kioti

One of Jamey T

Eleven of us headed to dinner at the Miner's Den Steakhouse in the Frontier Club.
Lucky Al literally attacking his Prime Rib as Wrong Turn watches in amazement

Heading back up the hill about three blocks after dinner we run into another group heading down to dinner.
Piper greets Bucky as Brillo talks to Flamekiller

And we end with Lanny laughing with Stewey

~end June 7, 2011

June 8, 2011 Morning
Deadwood -Day 2

I am splitting today and tomorrow into morning and night posts .

There are two Rides planned for today, a Lady's Ride led by Trouble and another Ride led by her husband Jamey T.
The parking lot at the Gold Country Inn in the middle of the night as people are now fast asleep.

Teri arrives from the Kawasaki Tent down on the highway. That's John on the bike.

But Badger has to help her straighten her sock

Condi her bike and Ronda and Stewey in the back

Susan getting her bike ready

Bucky is ready to roll

The riders and leaders are holding their pre Ride meeting.
Here's Trouble giving her instructions

The group sees me shooting photos from the balcony and asks for a Group pic.
Da "group"

Trouble gathering up her riders

Jamey T is leading the "other" Ride

~end June 8, 2011 Morning

June 8, 2011
Deadwood Day 2 - PM

Afternoon and evening stuff from Deadwood on Day 2.
Sandy, JR, "gone mad" and Ryan

Gary from Rapid City, Sherm and Skid

Sherm sporting his new Hooligan "T"

Sandy, Skid and I pile into Sherm's truck for a short trip to the Pump House which has free high speed wi-fi.
The Pump House is an old converted gas station

Sandy, Skid and Sherm busy multi-tasking

Cassie arrives as Mary Lou signs her in

Dinner time is a trip to the weekly VFW Hamburger Night. It is just four blocks from the Gold Country Inn so most just walk there to the VFW Hall.
This must be some kind of Black Hills ritual

JR, Condi, Cassie and Brandon

Trouble can not believe what she is being told to do

Here I am using my GPS to locate the Kitchen. Not really but I had it in pedestrian mode for the four block walk to the VFW Hall. :-)

Ah. That's what Trouble was suppose to do!

Holding hands is replaced by food in the hands

Vette,"Barney Fife", Flying Biker and Vicky

Since it is his birthday today Cranky broke out his formal sweat pants. :-)

Mary Lou, Mike, Susan and Ryan

Pecos, Mad Kaw and Flash

Jamey T, Badger, Lucky Al, Skid and Sandy

~end June 8, 2011 Afternoon and Evening

June 9, 2011
Deadwood Day 3

I decided not to split up today as I did not like the weather forecast and basically loafed around.
Dr Gregory Frazier talking to Six Pack Jack at breakfast. I think that Six Pack was always the first one to breakfast.

Kopperhead who donated a bunch of stuff to the Raffle and his lovely wife, Flash sitting with "Barney Fife"

Ronnie and Tedye

Lanny and Grampa D

JR and Condi

Kioti and his wife

Mary Lou and Mike from Aberdeen, SD good friends of Jamey and Trouble

Bucky and Sandy who is all wrapped up in this 80° weather

Trouble carrying all the loot from the local merchants that the gals got today for the Raffle

Gambler and Gail (I think)

Lanny and Mongrel from the PNW

Piper had a table set up

Badger selling Raffle Tickets to RJ and Nikki

I think this old coot sneaked over from the Deadwood Senior Center

Now what is Badger selling? RJ looks puzzled, too

Big Ugly who is not really ugly, but he is BIG

Kioti telling another tall tale

Wrong Turn, Lanny, KT and Cassie

Bucky, Deb and an unknown short person

Today's Ride gets back from a cold and wet but very fun Ride

At 4:00 we gather for a ROK Group photo.
This is the group breaking up after posing for a bunch of photos

Gary from nearby Rapid City talking to Jamey T

Mike and Mary Lou in the parking lot

The WWR 5 Dinner was a nice Buffet held a little over a half a mile down Main Street from the Gold Country Inn at the new smoke-free Hampton Inn and Casino. The first casino that I have been to that does not allow smoking.

The following are photos from the WWR 5 Banquet.
Jamey T's table

Vicky, Skid and Vette

Rainman Randy and Six Pack Jack

Sherm, Skid and an unknown short person


Grampa D

I also had a nice close up of Maxxx, but he flipped a double bird, so I decided not to post it on my "G" rated Blog.

Trouble giving her closing messages

Since it started to rain pretty good everyone hopped the Trolley back to the Kaw Pasture.

~end June 9, 2011

June 10, 2011
Leaving Deadwood for Laramie, WY

Friday morning. I am waiting for a bit warmer temps and a break in the weather as I am leaving Deadwood, this morning.
Gary from Rapid City talking to Gregory Frazier

"Barney Fife" saying his good byes to Booner and Big John

Lonnie and Gail ready to leave

Leaving for home

Going home

Lanny heading for Washington

Cranky getting ready to head out

There goes Cranky

As some leave others are just getting around to having breakfast. The cafe served a darn good breakfast. The only downer was packaged biscuits.
Barney, Vette, Flying Biker, Vicky and Ryan

Badger is waiting for his food

Another angle

Guess who this is working on the laptop?

That is the one and only waitress who really hustled around (in the mirror shot)

I finally left in a drizzle around 10:15 and rode through rain and drizzle for about 55 miles to Newcastle, WY. I stopped for lunch at a local eatery. The food was typical meat and potato stuff for this part of the country, BUT they had wi-fi so I got a fix on the weather. Clear sailing from Newcastle all the way to Laramie, WY.
I did stop for gas in Lusk, WY and took this photo of the very good Outpost Cafe where the Slammer crew had breakfast in 2008 on our way to Recreational Springs Resort

One more dirt and gravel and milled cement detour on WY43 less than 45 miles from Laramie. But this one was 7 miles long of mostly first gear riding or standing is more accurate.

~end June 10, 2011

June 11, 2011
Salt Lake City, UT

Today is Day 10 of 12. I only pulled off of I-80 or its Rest Stops once today. That was to try and find a decent place for lunch in Rock Springs, WY . Unfortunately today was a Saturday and the Coyote Creek Steakhouse & Saloon (the best place in town) was not open for lunch. No photo ops even since Rock Springs looks like a bunch of other towns that have been abandoned by the railroads.

I-80 all the way from Laramie to just west of the Salt Lake City airport. This will be my longest mileage day of the entire trip at 400 miles. The last 700 miles from Salt Lake City to home I am breaking up into two 350 mile days. That means 650 more miles on I-80 then 50 miles on I-5.
An interesting sign at one of the Wyoming Rest Stops

I-80 was full of trucks today

Typical scenery in south western Wyoming

Another photo of south western Wyoming

At mile marker 170 off of I-80 in Utah is a very pretty and scenic Rest Stop.
In the middle of the mountains

Lying just below this rock formation

Another view

And one with my little guy in the pic

Tomorrow will be worse for pics since I start with the Salt Flats and end up in Winnemucca, NV.

~end June 11, 2011

June 12, 2011
Winnemucca, NV

Today is my second day in a row where the only forward going road is I-80. Today I leave from the Salt Lake City Airport area and will travel to Winnemucca, NV.
A Rest Stop in Utah half way between Salt Lake City and the Nevada border.
Not only snakes but scorpions.

I have been "bad mouthing" these western roads and scenery but a lot of Nevada is mountains and quite beautiful.
A bit east of Winnemucca you can still see snow on the mountain tops

From the same spot looking in another direction - more snow topped mountains

You did not expect me to go 12 days and not stop at a Basque Restaurant. I stopped at Ormacheas and although their menu looked interesting it had become a steak house with some minor Basque items. So I had dinner at the Martin Hotel where Lil Doc, Don the Kiwi and I had dinner a couple of years ago.
The Martin is on what else Railroad Street across the street from the tracks

I hung my helmet on the hitching post

I had the "short course" no Entree tonight. Soup and bread.

Salad and beans

I was hoping for tongue but they alternate tongue and hominy and chorizo
and carrots and Martin potatoes

The bartender in her beret and my waitress

~end June 12, 2011

June 13, 2011
Stockton, CA - Home

I over nighted at the Motel where Kiwi Don and I met up with Lil Doc on her 2009 cross country trike Ride. It is at the west end of Winnemucca about 2 blocks from the Flying J.
This pic is for Lil Doc and Kiwi Don

Again there are mountains and some scenery along I-80 in Nevada.
About 20 miles west of Winnemucca looking westward

This is the first time that I did not eat the complimentary waffle or full hot breakfast before I left the motel. So about an hour out I made the mandatory stop at the Lovelock, NV McDonalds for breakfast. At exit 106 on I-80 in Nevada is the easiest on-off for gas and a bite to eat anywhere on the Interstate System.

All of the towns along I-80 in northern Nevada were started to provide support for the railroads. That is why there is a town about every 60 to 80 miles apart. I-80 is pretty much adjacent to the rails from Utah to Sacramento.
This is the old train station in Lovelock, NV

And in Nevada there is a Casino inside the Chevron Food Mart

I finally figured out what I am missing about the Wyoming and Nevada landscape. Trees!
Where I ride at home there are tons of trees.
Mountains with snow capped peaks and trees next to Donner Pass, CA

Another direction near Donner Pass

Even in the Central Valley there are trees lining the Interstates.
I-5 in Stockton, CA. Pitiful roadway, but still has trees.

I live about a mile from this exit coming up on I-5.

Home at last.

~end June 13, 2011

Here is the route of my 12 day trip. You can click on the "View Larger Map" to get to a larger interactive map.

View Larger Map

~end of Deadwood Blog


  1. Nice to see those faces again!

  2. It looks like a fun trip. Hope you enjoyed the Hills- I live only 200 miles away in Nebraksa! Thanks for your posts and helping me with my CA trip planning! Marsha Rogers, Scottsbluff

  3. We were glad you stopped at the Jerome Idaho museum and at the Hunt Internment Camp near here in Jerome County. I put your picture with Curator Peg in the July newsletter. Check our website at

    Linda, Assistant Curator.